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Technology Used:

SQL Server 2005, 2012, 2016, MS Access 2013, Crystal Reports, .net 1.1 Framework, .net 4.6 Framework, SQL Server Reporting Services, Classic ASP, VB.NET, C#, AS400.

Project Summary:

VP System Developers has integrated multiple systems for Minto Communities. We have taken over existing systems done in .Net 1.1 Framework and upgraded them to .Net 4.0 Framework. We’ve removed 3rd party controls that were done by Infragistics over 10 years ago and converted them all to new html controls which can be used with the newer technology.

We done integrations with third party platforms like SAP and Builder Zen for Purchase Order Management. We’ve created workflow platforms for approvals of different types of POs. We’ve done upgrades to their SQL Server which was in 2005 up to 2016; we upgraded all the triggers, stored process, views, data types (in some cases) and vb.net code to deal with the database changes.

We managed multiple ongoing development efforts for existing 32bit environments and 64bit environments.
VP System Developers engineers also have built out complete reporting environments for staff to generate dynamic reports as needed. The reports generated on screen and then had ability to export to Excel directly.
VP System Developers also created interfaces that delivered crystal reports via the web. We added the reporting ability of PDF exporting as well to both Crystal reports and screen reports.

Our expert team have developed different dashboards for the executive staff as well based on data that comes out of the AS400, SAP and SQL Servers.
We did a message queue system with Azure connectors which enabled us to move data between Minto’s PO System and a third party platform.
These are just some of the things we’ve done for Minto; we continue to strive to help them achieve their business objectives with quality software.
VP System Developers engineering team has been THE software development staff for Minto Communities in their Florida Division.