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Covidien (Now Medtronic)

Technology Used:

.NET 4.0 Framework, SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET, LINQ, AJAX, JQUERY, JSON, and Navision Databases.

Project Summary:

VP System Developers created a workflow system which integrates with 5+ Microsoft Navision Databases. The system allows users to import new products that need to be sold in the Latin American Markets. The system handles the inputs from different divisions and allows for the users of particular divisions to enter their information, once they have entered their information for that particular division is then submitted to a manager. The system will manage approvals or denials. Once the data is approved, it continues onto the next area of work where a department worker in a particular region receives an automated email to start working on the order. All along, management is provided a LIVE dashboard of the stage that the product is at.